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I believe we can lead a happier life when we do not have to worry about our ever-increasing waistline, high blood sugar, high blood pressure & many other debilitating lifestyle diseases. It’s my lifelong mission to realise my vision of a disease-free world.

Fitness Entrepreneur, Functional Medicine Coach & Author
Had it not been for my commitment to fitness, perhaps my body would not have been able to cope with the life-threatening trauma it was subjected to during this time. You never know what life can throw at you at any moment; you cannot control that! However, you can always control how you prepare yourself for life, make yourself more significant than the challenges and overcome any hurdle and obstacle that life throws at you and come out as a winner. Similarly, the healthy lifestyle that I was leading before my accident – regular workouts, good nutrition & adequate sleep – my body returned the favour by holding me strong through a very traumatic & challenging time of my life. This fatal accident was my first-hand experience of a severe downfall that gave me a new vision and created a paradigm shift. It encouraged me to adopt fitness more than an activity to improve my aesthetics, to prepare each cell of my body to fight any adversity or infection that can make my life difficult to live enjoyably.

When life throws a curve ball at you, it is
preparing you for the next one.


My curveball – my recovery from the accident – made me realise that I need to take control of my physical and mental well-being while making it my biggest priority. At the same time, this also ignited a passion for helping others take control of their health & be in their best shape for any curveballs that life may throw at them.

I wanted to change the lens through which we saw health & fitness. Going beyond the surface, I decided to marry science, data and the principles of health, fitness, and well-being. And to do this, I decided to equip myself with the best knowledge out there.

Taking a departure from my successful stint of handling my established family business, a leading brand in the financial space, I pursued an international education to fuel my passion.

From the most coveted Master’s Degree in Sports Management from the University of South Wales to a slew of International Certifications in Exercise and Nutrition Science accredited Globally

My curiosity and hunger to learn did not stop. It led me to research established and globally renowned fitness programs to understand their science and identify the issues, gaps and barriers that caused an impediment to achieve fitness with the right approach.


Global Certifications

I made the most of this time by researching – a habit that has stayed with me even today as a ritual to achieve my vision and goal to see a disease-free India. After completing my education with extensive research and a global perspective on the science of fitness, I founded my marquee brand of a fitness club, 48 Fitness. With a vision of adopting technological innovation and the latest knowledge and techniques to help the members get a world-class workout experience, my trainers are powered by scientific expertise and a hygienic environment.


Blending science and my research, I have created new fitness concepts like FIT-X and 48- RHR that have successfully transformed people. Both programs are widely recognised and are one of a kind, and I am proud of them for being a catalyst in altering one’s fitness journey and bringing them closer to their goals.

Awards & Recognition

Fitness is more than a number on your weighing scale. Fitness is about providing your body with regular exercise, a proper diet, and time to recover. Prepare your body to adapt to the ever-changing conditions and life events for an eternal win. – Vijay Thakkar (Functional Medicine Coach & Fitness Entrepreneur)

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a litmus test for our immune system. The high number of deaths and severe infections have exposed just the tip of the iceberg - how the diseases of obesity, hypertension, high blood sugar, and a weak body loom within us. The 2020 global lockdowns underscored the importance of exercise, nutrition, and stress management, and I decided to do something about it.

I decided it was about time to accelerate towards achieving my vision and make my knowledge accessible to the masses. The world saw tectonic shifts in how we consumed information and approached fitness. Accessibility to a physical fitness centre was no longer an excuse to stay fit.



with Vijay Thakkar

With the growing issue of the need for a healthy body, I felt the obligation to spread my knowledge to every household to make the best of my immense knowledge helping everyone who is struggling in making fitness their lifestyle. 8 Rounds, my lifestyle management show, features on all popular OTT and DTH platforms and my official social handles of YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.


Nothing gives me more joy than getting you to take your first
step towards a healthy lifestyle.

As a fitness columnist for publications like Forbes India, I regularly bust fitness fads. Taking this initiative ahead, I penned a book on debunking the myths and proving the facts about what causes lifestyle diseases and how functional medicine will be a game-changer in a world eclipsed by obesity and diabetes.

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